Hi! I am Glyn A Stanley – Professional Photographer – Blog Content Creator and Editor

I bought my first camera in 1983.  A Canon AE-1Program.  At the time my father, a frugal and practical man, told me that every click of the button would cost me.   Pretty soon, while I was in college, he would ask if I was bringing the camera home to photograph his grandkids (my nephews and nieces)! By this time, knowing that I was a little more serious than the average photographer, I had switched to Nikon (an FM-2 which I still own) and have been team Nikon ever since.

From then until now I have always had a passion for photography.  The ability to capture a moment, expression, emotion, or action in time has always intrigued me.  Better than any stock I know, a photograph has a way of gaining value through its reminiscent nature. In 1984, my freshman year at UNCC, I had the chance to see a concert in Greensboro. 

The artist performing, Prince!  Along with 2 of my friends, I drove to the Greensboro Coliseum to see the best artist, musician, and performer I have ever seen.  I had my camera, loaded with slide film, in my pocket and a 70-210 lens strapped to my leg.   I got into the venue and assembled my camera.  I had great floor seats and sometime just before Prince performed “When Doves Cry” I asked a security guard if he could take anyone’s camera.  He said “no”.  I then asked him to escort me to the stage for 2 minutes.   He looked at me and I guess he figured if I had the nerve to ask, he’d oblige. 

The rest, as “they” say, is history! Through mutual friends, I was able to connect with Tammy Greene, AKA the Jazz Diva. I photographed shows with Tammy from 2012 until she passed in November of 2021. Please see my tribute to Tammy here.

I was told that as a photographer it is best to specialize so that people looking for a specific type of photography will come to you. I purchased my first camera in 1983 (do the math) so having said that……

I have a studio in Southend Charlotte that I utilize for my wedding (including family and portrait), portfolio (studio or location), and corporate (headshots and events) clients. When I’m not doing that, I’m shooting for a  Jazz promoter or publication in one of the several venues in Charlotte or surrounding areas.

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