Damien Escobar

Damien Escobar

I was backstage before the show with Mr. Escobar and asked if he had any restrictions in relation to photography. His response was, “go ham”! Mr. Escobar is a performer. He uses his Violin to impart his version of all-time classics as well as some renditions of his own to his listener’s ears. While performing at McGlohon in Charlotte, Damien brought on a young Mr. Caesar Saint (let’s say Caesar has faced some life challenges at his young age) on stage to perform. Both Caesar and Damien were spectacular, but Damien more so for providing this young man the platform.

Website: Damien Escobar

Venue – McGlohon, Durham Bulls Athletic Park

Middle C Jazz is a Gem in the Charlotte Jazz community. There is no bad seat and the ambiance is that of a comfortable modern Jazz spot. I typically like to grab a bite to eat just before or after a show, but this venue provides both a great menu as well as a fully stocked bar. The sound is great and you get to immerse yourself in the performance.

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