Gregory Porter

Gregory Porter

To be totally honest, the first time I was asked to photograph Gregory Porter, I didn’t know who he was!  The analytical side of me went to work.  I jumped on google and youtube to familiarize myself with this artist.  Wow!  Velvety, Mello, smooth.  Those are the adjectives that come to mind when describing this man.

I’m not one to be “star-struck” and when I was finally able to meet him in person, he gained even more respect for being a very personable and down-to-earth person.  In a word, cool.  I mentioned to him that his voice reminded me of another of my favorite artists, Walter Williams of the Ojays.  Mr. Porter said, “I’ll take that!”

We were walking backstage to the dressing room.  With the camera in hand, I asked, “do you mind if I take a quick portrait.  He said, “where do you want me”.  I was able to capture the image below.  I continued to photograph Mr. Porter and his band throughout that night and several more.  His performances are always powerful and memorable.

Website: Gregory Porter

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